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oh, hey! 

I'm Ronnie

founder, ceo & principal of OhHeyCoach

I founded OhHeyCoach to help meet the needs of individuals who (like me during various points in my career moving from eager intern to C-Suite leader) simply needed an ear, some guidance, and a healthy dose of career wisdom. 

Nearly 7 years later, through OhHeyCoach I've been able to support thousands of professionals on their career journeys...and Fact: We are just getting started! 


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We'd be thrilled to partner with you or your talent on their career & personal development journey

we want the future of work to be much better than the past. 

Uncertainty, disengagement, lack of work/life harmony, lack of clarity, and diminished focus. 

These are just a few challenges executives and leaders face daily as they individually navigate corporate spaces.


The big "aha" is that few of us are taught how to navigate all that is thrown our way as we climb the proverbial "corporate ladder," and above that, exist as humans (desperately working hard at the simply being. 

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My story is simple.


I've risen through the ranks, taking what might be a familiar career path for some.


I began as an intern in the advertising/media industry with the understanding that my life goal moving forward would be to climb the successive ranks and make it to the "top" of my industry (wherever that was, and whatever that meant as fresh out of college professional who desperately didn't want to end up back home). 

Through a series of experiences, even from day one of my first job during my orientation, most of my peers took out copies of a popular personal finance book for young professionals. They referred to highlighted portions to best determine options for their 401k. Meanwhile, no one, including me, asked our orientation leader what we needed to know to succeed in the organization. That was a defining moment where I knew I needed to be a student of corporate culture if I had any plans to not only survive but thrive. 

I did rise the ranks while putting many points on the board through successful output and relationship building very early on in my career (skills taught to me by the books I consumed weekly during my many trips to Border's Book Store both near my office and on the weekends, the one near my apartment. If there was a body of work written about career or personal development in those earlier years, I read it, and maybe twice! 

We typically don't expect the many plot twists life presents us with. 

At 25, as a people manager working late & early hours with some uniquely demanding clients, I received a call at work letting me know my only sibling had died tragically in a house fire. My world completely stopped. Over time, I began to rebuild myself and my life with the understanding that life is fleeting and family, service, and legacy are the most important things. 

A year and a half later, many folks on my then-perfect team started to leave for new opportunities. When faced with considering my own next steps, I was told by a couple of male executives that digital (what I spent 200% of my time on) was NOT the future (insert chortle). I not only got mad, but I got busy finding a new place for my magic. 

I ended up at a wonderful place, Digitas, where 1000% of my time was spent working in digital media (which, as we all know, is the past, present, and future). This happy union also came with its own plot twist. During an otherwise standard interview, the department lead sensed I was lukewarm about the opportunity and asked me, "What do you really want to do."

This critical question was the launching pad for me excelling through an organization, building first-ever platforms to support people and culture, pivoting from media to people first work in DEI, Performance Management, Coaching, and ultimately to the role I serve in today as an Executive Leadership Development & Career Management Coach + Consultant.  

More about our consultancy: 

books we love to recommend: 

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what happens in our downtime: 

favorite saying: 

We are unapologetically #antihustle culture, which means we embrace, model, and encourage work/life harmony. Downtime for us consists of whatever brings joy week-to-week, even if it's a mid-afternoon walk or catching up with peers and friends. 

Make space for grace. 

our not so guilty pleasure: 

We consider ourselves amateur cultural anthropologists, and our two current favorite subjects to study given the shift in macro work culture are:

1) Gen Z in corporate spaces

2) Working Parents/Caregivers...

both of whom we deeply explore via the truths being shared via TikTok and Reels. 

thinking about: 

We are obsessed with determining how we can best support the current and quickly rising generation of leaders as they are figuring out the new world of work. From managing teams virtually to effectively navigating crises, we are constantly listening and developing learning opportunities to meet the needs of the organizations and individuals we serve. 



Connecting with, supporting, learning from and cheering on our network of amazing professionals and organizations is one of our favorite things to do, and LinkedIn is where it happens! 

Let's connect, learn and grow with each other! You never know what could happen! 

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