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we're working to ensure the future of work is exponentially better than in the past

Capacity and resource challenges; disengagement, lack of work/life harmony, lack of clarity, and diminished focus. 

These are just a few daily challenges executives and leaders face as they individually navigate their workplaces and leadership roles. 


The big "aha" is that none of us received a magical playbook to guide us on how to show up, serve, or shine in the context of our evolved workplace and all its dynamic nuances. 

This friction point and our overall cultural inflection point where we are deciding and designing the future of leadership and our workplaces are where OhHeyCoach shines. 

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oh, hey! 

I'm Ronnie

founder, ceo & principal of OhHeyCoach

I created OhHeyCoach to help meet the needs of individuals who (like me, at various points in my career, moving from eager intern to C-Suite leader) simply needed an ear, some guidance, and a healthy dose of career wisdom. 

8+ years later, through OhHeyCoach I've supported thousands of professionals on their career journeys...and Fact: We are just getting started! 


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More about our company 

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what happens in our downtime: 

favorite saying: 

We are unapologetically #antihustle culture, which means we embrace, model, and encourage work/life harmony. Downtime for us consists of whatever brings joy week-to-week, even if it's a mid-afternoon walk or catching up with peers and friends. 

Make space for grace. 

our not so guilty pleasure: 

We consider ourselves amateur cultural anthropologists, and our two current favorite subjects to study given the shift in macro work culture, are:

1) Gen Z in corporate spaces

2) Working Parents/Caregivers...

both of whom we deeply explore via the truths being shared via TikTok and Reels. 

thinking about: 

We are obsessed with determining how best to support the current generation of leaders as they navigate the new world of work. From managing teams virtually to effectively navigating crises, we constantly listen and develop learning opportunities to meet the needs of the organizations and individuals we serve. 



Connecting with, supporting, learning from, and cheering on our network of amazing professionals and organizations is one of our favorite things to do, and LinkedIn is where it happens! 

Let's connect, learn, and grow with each other! You never know what could happen! 

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