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3 Books Our Clients are Loving Right Now

I am a certified, unapologetic bibliophile.

My love for reading & books literally has no ending. In fact, I had one simple ask in the course of designing and building our new home over the last couple of years...we must, must, must MUST have a proper library (because to me, that is the most important room in the house).

That asked was fulfilled this past summer, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have a home for the books I've collected over the years, with room to add plenty more for years to come.

(my littlest co-work deeply engaged in one of his favorite literary works)

When I engage with our OhHeyCoach clients, they fully experience the impact several beloved books have had on both me as a person and as an an executive coach and consultant. Throughout my career, I've sought out growth and development opportunities on my own through the tips, hints, wisdom and insight of so many authors. These amazing experts (and they are countless, so I wouldn't dare mention a few and leave others out) have been my virtual mentors, managers, guides and in some cases my coaches during some of the most critical periods of my corporate experience.

The past couple of years have proved critical and pivotal for us all. In working with our OhHeyCoach clients, there are a few consistent areas of interest, urgency and curiosity that continue to surface:

1) How do I re-engage and help develop better managers and leaders; those who understand how to consider their role beyond the technical asks, who truly support their talent while delivering against our business & culture objectives?

2) How do I nurture effective, culturally aware and culturally responsive leaders; those who understand this skillset is one that is urgent to develop for our current and future success?

3) How do I accomplish allllll the things I'm tasked with (as an individual or an organization) effectively virtually or in a rapidly evolving hybrid workplace?

Fact: None of these are small asks. They each require long term nurturing, deliberate up-skilling, space for learning, grace and an understanding that change happens over time vs. overnight.

You may be reading this while tackling similar challenges (and no doubt a much longer list as well).

I'll share the three books I'm loving and currently recommending for each of our OhHeyCoach clients working through these challenges - maybe they will be useful to you too:

Happy learning!

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