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The Real Measure of Success: Peace

Over the past 24 months I've had more career milestones that I can even count...I've also experienced more lessons and lumps than any singular point in my career.

It has been a mixture of mountain top moments, reaching the summit, flash of wind in my face and at my back propelling me forward...along with clarifying valley moments, which I literally wouldn't trade for any single "mountain top" level achievement if you paid me.

During this time I've stood firm in honoring my professional integrity, sharpened my elbows to maintain boundaries for myself and my family, made exits with grit and grace, taken on unplanned but amazing bridge opportunities, built a thriving business and simply clarified how I will spend the next phase of my career -- in service to the people around me on similar journeys, navigating similar spaces.

As I reflect in this very moment, my biggest achievement is that I have peace. Not just surface level peace, but peace in how I spend my time, who and how I serve, where I lend my magic, and in all the things that make me a whole, productive and fulfilled leader.

Last week was beautiful. We had the pleasure of experiencing a very intense but gorgeous rain shower during a weekday afternoon. The kids were at school or napping, my calendar was open as I'd spent time with clients for the balance of the morning, and I had time to enjoy the space we created through the benefit of time we'd spent working hard (and in many times friction-filled situations) in corporate spaces.

After the rain shower the sun decided to say "hey". With my trusty laptop & some tea in tow, I was able to crank through my major heads "down/focus up" deliverables (writing, facilitation prep, learning design, emails), while listening to a chorus of birds.

This is my version of peace. Yours my look a little different, but it is available to you...I encourage you to seek it out, even if for a few hours a week - Moments of peace compound with the result being a well-lived life. As you're on your career journey I hope you tap into it & I can't wait to see what that ultimately does for you!


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